Ever since I was a lad I have been fascinated by lasers, not only the amazing beauty of them but the technology involved as well. I've played with a few HeNe's in my time and obviously the odd diode laser but the other day I had one of my long term dreams come true. I got to play with a proper laser, a proper big, power hungry eyeball burning argon laser. OK some might say this is a bit old fasioned and these days we have the wonders of YAG lasers etc, but theres nothing like a good old gas laser for truely breathtaking effects.

Before I go I'd like to give thanks to the company that made the images of the blue argon laser possible Longlights Event Services. If you are in the UK and fancy seeing this Laser and whole load more stunning effects in action, these guys are the ones to hire.

The green laser images are actually produced from a laser pen would you believe! Although this laser is only 5mW it is much brighter than a equivalent power red laser due to eyes being more sensitive to green light.

I hope with these pictures I have given such a simple device as the Laser some justice and provided some images for you all to enjoy.

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