Now pictures are one thing but sometimes they just ain't wallpapers. In this section I took the FrozenMist logo, some of my favourite pictures from other sections and using Paint Shop Pro came up with some great mutated concoctions. Not to everyones taste but certainly in the FrozenMist style these wallpapers will liven up any desktop.

Frozen Angel Pink Frozen Beach Frozen Hell Frozen Moon (Revised) Alien Beach Blue Alien Beach Orange Abomination Frozen Angel Blue Frozen Gold Frozen Plasma Green Frozen Plasma Frozen Lake Frozen Plasma Blue Frozen Demon Frozen Plasma Dark Green Frozen Calm Frozen Plasma Dark Red Frozen Plasma Red Frozen Plasma Dark Blue Frozen Angel Death Frozen Edge Frozen Realm

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If you wish to use them in a way other than as a personal desktop backdrop you must obtain permission by sending an email to queries at frozenmist dot co dot uk explaining exactly what you wish to do.