OK I'm pretty nifty with a graphics package and I can use a camera but that's about it. Maybe one day I will get better but for now heres some amateur exploits for you to plaster on the background of your monitor.

Some of the pictures were taken with my trusty old 2.5 megapixel Olympus Camedia C-2500L, others were taken with my Fuji FinePix S7000. For all of the postprocessing I use Paint Shop Pro by Jasc. Paint Shop Pro is fantastic and the more you use it the more you love it. I use it all the time and yet I am still finding new features every day.

Black Hole Gothic Church Big-Bang Calming Clouds British Beach Stormy Night Tunnel Perspective Infinate Tunnel Dragon Conical Umbuntu 12.04 Pink Pygmy Fireworks Hidden Garden Scarred Angel The Moon (Revised) Barney Alien View Blue Fan Path Sunburst Ravein Frozen Angel Pink Dukes Universe Secretly Watching Frozen Beach Frozen Hell Camaro Cuttin Enterprise Cockpit Stairway The Moon (Revised II) Tree Light Hell Above Hello Adrift Frozen Moon (Revised) Alien Beach Orange Alien Beach Blue Red Fan Abomination Draculas Fountain Fields Frozen Angel Blue Cotton Valley Resting Place Airborne Retro Power Sky Towers Thames By Night Fools Gold 2 Frozen Gold Frozen Plasma Green Stoned Driftin Winged Tranquility Stationary Steam Plasma Fire Waterfall Frozen Plasma Tibby Shadowed Horizon Starfish Frozen Lake Blocks Fools Gold 1 Traveling Train Gone Zoe Parasitic Green Frozen Plasma Blue Frozen Demon Blaze Blowin in the Breeze Frozen Plasma Dark Green Entrance Garden Ornaments Summer England Frozen Plasma Dark Red Corridor Tree View Frozen Calm Frozen Plasma Red Death Frozen Plasma Dark Blue Watery Stare Distance Frozen Angel Coupled Frozen Realm Folded Rock Frozen Edge

All the wallpapers on this website are copyrighted original works by myself, friends and family and are free for personal use only. You may not modify them in any way, use them for profit making directly or indirectly or redistribute them in any form including putting them on another web page.

If you wish to use them in a way other than as a personal desktop backdrop you must obtain permission by sending an email to queries at frozenmist dot co dot uk explaining exactly what you wish to do.