The stuff on this page is a collection of things that I have written myself for my own use (except for BIRT which a small part I developed at my place of work and ThePit which contains some textures/bots, etc that are other peoples work - see thepit.txt in the pk3 download file for details). I have made this stuff available because people have liked it and requested copies of it for themselves, not because I wish fame, fortune or to be inundated with change requests.

Although I try my best to make my programming error free and robust, I am giving it to you at no charge and therefore I dont have the time or resources available to test it on the myriad of different systems available. If it works, think yourself lucky and tell your friends. If it doesnt, thats a shame, email me and tell me why you think it doesnt work and what happens. You never know if you give me enough detail and I'm bored one day I might fix it :) If it blows up and screws your computer, I'm really sorry I certainly didn't intentionally program it to do that, unfortunatly thats all your gonna get out of me.


conTest and BerryIO are licensed under the GPL. For more details on this license please check the GNU website here.

The rest of the software is my property. You can download it and use it for your own personal non commercial use as long as you dont change anything or make any financial profit from it. If you would like to use any of the applications at your place of work, or you would like to distribute it, or would like the source code please contact me for further information.